General Business & Corporate Counsel Services

Our business attorneys have experience in handling a wide array of corporate and commercial transactions.


We often work with our clients and their accountants in business planning and problem solving, from the formation and initial financing of a business, to acquisitions and strategic teaming and venture agreements. We are also well versed in working with our clients to create thoughtful policies in connection with ever-changing privacy laws, digital rights, computer and software licensing for employees, copyrights and creative content licensing as well as other regulatory changes affecting the broadcast and transfer of information.


We provide legal counsel and guidance for some of our clients as their General Counsel.


For many of our clients, there are legal needs that simply may not require the cost and involvement of engaging a law firm on per project basis – or justify budgeting for a full-time general counsel. For these clients – we offer our General Counsel services on customized and/or part-time basis. We assist our clients in nearly every facet of their business' legal needs; including, coordinating with other outside counsel, should the needs be of such nature or scale that it is necessary. Our focus then turns on managing those outside counsel services to keep costs down and services up - with your bottom line in mind!





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