Intellectual Property

Assisting our clients in protecting and licensing their Intellectual Property is of particular emphasis in our practice development and skill sets. Clients of Kayira Law can expect our attorneys to provide advice and counsel about the best ways to structure, negotiate and document intellectual property transactions, IP portfolio strategy and management, joint development relationships, and confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.


As a natural extension of our national entertainment law practice, Kayira Law attorneys are ably prepared to assist clients in entertainment product and/or creative content acquisitions and sales, as well as copyright and trademark licensing with respect to varying distribution platforms (both emerging and traditional); including the Internet and so-called New Media integration networks. Whether our clients are creative artists, content creators or owners – Kayira Law attorneys provide services for the registration and protection of their intellectual property, titles, copyrights and trademarks. We have experience in numerous commercial exploitation transactional opportunities from traditional merchandising ventures, advertising and marketing, sponsorships and branded entertainment opportunities to video games, Internet, social networking, and traditional publishing and licensing.






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